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Sponsorship Fees vary between Primary, Generalist, and Specialist Clubs. Fees also vary based on the number of Clubs sponsored, the duration of the sponsorship, and the Membership Level of the sponsor. Generally speaking, the greatest discounts are attached to multi-Club, long term commitments from high level Members.

As noted previously, Sponsorship Fees for Specialist Clubs are set individually, and any fees quoted in tables are the default fees which apply when no Club-specific fees have been loaded.

Before proceeding to the Sponsorship Booking page and selecting the Clubs you wish to sponsor, you're invited to use the tool below to calculate the Sponsorship Media Fees based on different parameters. Please note that Club Page Sponsorship relates to a presence on the sponsored Club's Public, Subscriber, and Member home pages.


Primary Clubs  
Sponsorship Type: Page Sponsorship
No. of Clubs:
No. of Weeks:





Generalist Clubs  
Sponsorship Type: Page Sponsorship
No. of Clubs:
No. of Weeks:



Total Fees in $AU:



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