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ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) is a trading hub for Members to trade.

ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) is designed to enhance the business development of all qualifying ClubMaster Member businesses by providing trading opportunities. Accessing the CMX Database is open to anyone. Listing on CMX is open to ClubMaster Ruby Members and higher.

Sellers pay either nil or a modest listing fee for listing their goods, services, events & opportunities on ClubMaster eXchange, plus the ClubMaster Membership and Monthly Fees. Buyers must be Subscribers or Members, and Sellers must hold at least a current ClubMaster Ruby Membership, and have their accounts in order.

To sell within ClubMaster eXchange, you will need to (a) be or become a ClubMaster Ruby Member or higher, and register your products and services for sale; (b) if a Buyer, become a ClubMaster Subscriber or higher, then search CMX and make an offer or a purchase in cash, or make an enquiry.


The Role of CMX

The role of ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) is to provide a central register to enable connections between ClubMaster Member sellers and buyers.


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