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ClubMaster Member Rules


    1. 'ClubMaster' refers to ClubMaster Pty Ltd in its own right and as trustee for The ClubMaster Trust.
    2. By engaging with ClubMaster either physically or digitally, and/or by becoming a Subscriber and/or a ClubMaster Member, you agree that any reference to The Membership Rules or the Member Rules is to be read as including the following plus the Terms of Business, the Website Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy, as may be represented from time to time on and its subsites and associated websites, and as amended by ClubMaster in its absolute discretion from time to time whether communicated or not to Members, including but not limited to (, (, (, and
    3. 'The ClubMaster Club' refers to an informal Special Interest Group operated within ClubMaster, under and associated with which are contained many other informal Special Interest Groups, often referred to across ClubMaster sites and other platforms and communications as Primary or Generalist Clubs.
    1. ClubMaster is a private Membership service dedicated to facilitating relationships between Members, and to a limited extent between Members and Subscribers. These relationships may be social, sporting, educational, commercial, financial, professional, community, charitable, or other. Any introductions facilitated directly or indirectly by ClubMaster are made in good faith, and any decision by Members to engage with other Members in any manner whatsoever is so undertaken at the Member’s own risk.
    2. In joining ClubMaster, Members acknowledge this and all other ClubMaster Member Rules, and agree to indemnify and to keep indemnified all ClubMaster group entities, and their directors, shareholders, beneficiaries, managers, employees, associates and advisers against any costs, claims, demands, actions and proceedings which may arise as a direct or indirect consequence of any actions or inactions by them in relation to any relationship of any nature whatsoever with another ClubMaster Member or Subscriber or any other party who accesses the ClubMaster sites and systems.
    3. By joining ClubMaster, Members agree to abide by the Member Rules as may be amended by ClubMaster from time to time as published on the website. Members may resign their Membership at any time, in which instance their responsibilities to ClubMaster and ClubMaster Members are concluded save for any business undertaken prior to the date of resignation, or any business in progress at the time of the resignation by the Member. Membership Fees paid prior to, or owing at, the date of the Member’s resignation are non-refundable and any unpaid fees remain payable in full.
    4. Membership and Subscription to ClubMaster and to any ClubMaster Club does not in any way bestow any shares in any Company or Units in any Trust, or any voting, revenue or equity rights in ClubMaster, The ClubMaster Trust, or other ClubMaster associate or Club, unless clearly specified in writing to the contrary.
    5. ClubMaster does not knowingly support anonymous or pseudonym Memberships or Subscriptions, and Members warrant to identify themselves as a legitimate and traceable person or entity.
    6. ClubMaster does not engage in, support, encourage or tolerate bullying or the inciting of hate or division or criminal activity of or against Good Citizens as defined by ClubMaster from time to time. By becoming a ClubMaster Member each Member and Subscriber, whether an individual or entity, agrees to abide by and actively support this policy.
    7. Members are responsible for maintaining their own relevant trading licences (education, banking, financial services, investment advice, trading etc.) and insurances including but not limited to professional indemnity and public liability as appropriate.
    8. Member profiles are developed and maintained by Members, and are subject to review, audit, amendment, publication and withdrawal from publication by ClubMaster in its absolute discretion.
    9. Members agree to maintain full disclosure of all business transactions which arise from their ClubMaster Membership, and to meet their resulting financial obligations to the relevant ClubMaster company.
    10. All Members join the relevant ClubMaster membership company in the appropriate country, however all trading activities involving ClubMaster may be conducted through various ClubMaster companies, in which instance the trading relationship is between the Member and the relevant ClubMaster entity or its nominee.
    11. ClubMaster may alter, amend, or vary the manner, size, design, font style, colours, background, imagery, location, frequency and other effects and elements of the Member’s presentation in any ClubMaster media or communications from time to time in its absolute discretion.
    12. ClubMaster reserves the right in its absolute discretion and without explanation, or a refund of fees, or any other form of compensation, to decline, cancel, suspend, or modify any Membership including but not limited to amending the Member’s level of Membership and access to the Member Login and the ClubMaster Network.
    1. Members will not engage in abusive, offensive or anti-social behaviour, as determined by ClubMaster in its absolute discretion.
    2. The penalty for any indiscretion by a Member or Subscriber will be determined by ClubMaster, and may include a Request to Show Cause, or a Suspension of Membership, or a cancellation of Membership. Any penalty which incurs a loss to the Member will not entitle the Member to compensation or a fee refund.
    1. Subscribers and Members will endeavour to load accurate and true data on their profile.
    1. Whilst not promoting a thoroughly sterile environment, or supporting an over-reaching cancel mentality, ClubMaster expects Subscribers and Members to avoid posting content which is considered offensive to reasonable people.
    1. Qualified Members are invited to create legitimate Listings of products, services, or other opportunities including but not limited to investment, service, or employment opportunities, or events and tours.
    2. Members warrant that they are authorised to create Listings, to present or promote the content contained in their Listings, and that the information provided is correct and accurate.
    3. Members undertake, whether as Buyer or Seller, to conduct themselves honestly, honourably, and professionally, and to engage in any business activity or other transactions in a good spirit.
    1. ClubMaster Membership and Non-Member Subscription bestows access to certain features, benefits, and opportunities based on the Membership Level, as determined by ClubMaster from time to time in its absolute discretion.
    2. A reduction or removal of any features, benefits, or opportunities by ClubMaster does not entitle the Member or Subscriber to any refund, rebate, credit, or other compensation.
    3. Membership or Subscription may be suspended or permanently cancelled by ClubMaster, in its absolute discretion and without showing cause.
    4. A suspension or cncellation of a Membership or Subscription does not entitle the suspended or cancelled Member or Subscriber to any refund, rebate, credit, or other compensation.
    1. The ClubMaster Website contains Primary Clubs, Generalist Clubs, and Specialist Clubs. An example of a Primary Club is The Sports and Recreation Club; an example of a Generalist Club is The Golf Club; an example of a Specialist Club is Ashgrove Golf Club.
    2. Subscribers are not entitled to create Clubs.
    3. Members are not authorised to create Primary Clubs.
    4. Authorised Members, being those holding a relevant Membership Level, may create Generalist Clubs on behalf of ClubMaster (and transfer ownership to ClubMaster following creation).
    5. Authorised Members, being those holding a relevant Membership Level, may create Specalist Clubs on their own behalf.
    1. ClubMaster owns all Primary Clubs and all Generalist Clubs, irrespective of who creates the Club. These are Clubs for the general enjoyment of all Members, and are not available for individual ownership outside of ClubMaster. Limited exceptions may apply where a Club which would normally be considered a Generalist Club is classified as a Specialist Club due to trademark ownership by a Member or other Party (eg. The Brisbane Club).
    2. ClubMaster may also own Specialist Clubs, as may qualifying Members.
    3. A Member's Membership Level determines how many Clubs a Member may create and own, and this number may vary from time to time at ClubMaster's absolute discretion.
    4. Members may transfer Ownership of their Clubs to other qualifying Members, subject to the consent of ClubMaster which it may give or withhold in its absolute discretion.
    5. If the ownership of any Club is disputed by any parties, the final determination of Ownership will be made by ClubMaster in its absolute discretion, and all Members agree to accept ClubMaster's decision.
    1. ClubMaster may appoint Members to assist in the management of the Company and the website.
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