Salvation at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse

By Michael Reid

13th March 2023

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse Caravan Park

After a mechanical malfunction to our Coaster, we found ourselves calling the minimalist town of Cocklebiddy home for a little while. By town, we mean the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, as this place constitutes the entire town.

We were 'fortunate' to break down on the highway immediately after lunching here (I recommend the chips with gravy), and the bus failed us next to a Telstra tower where the amazing Pete and Abby were working to improve the area's internet reception. They not only towed us back to the Roadhouse, but Pete then installed our replacement belts (which were still a little loose, and we all feared were the wrong Toyota belts).

So a night at the Cocklebiddy Caravan Park was to follow. Whilst the toilets and showers are basic (showers $4 for 7 minutes), they were fully functional and surprisingly clean. A powered site was $30 per night, or $25 unpowered. The gravel sites are fully level, and turned out to be extremely popular with numerous overnight visitors.

Other benefits are the adjacent service station and shop, a kiosk serving hot food and many food supplies, a bar with pool table, and a dining room. Local celebrities are Sammy and Bruce, two magnificent rescue wedge-tailed eagles. Most importantly the team were a delight, in the servo, behind the bar, and in other support roles. Special mention to Dave, Troy and Jack for helping us resolve our mechanical issues.


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