Mum’s Funeral Service 30th May 2023

By Michael Reid

30th May 2023

The Funeral Service of Elaine Iris Reid held on 30th May 2023 at The Chapel of Macleay Valley House, Frederickton.

Farewelling our much loved sister, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, great-aunt, great-great-aunt, cousin, and friend.

Please feel free to view the service via the following link:

A Reflection

An elegant woman of simple dreams
To be loving wife and mother of four
Her heart at risk of tearing at the seams
From all the love she carried in her core
Her four boys lived a charmed and easy youth
We knew we were the blessed boys of mum
We floated happily in her sweet truth
That we indeed were brighter than the sun
As reality slowly came to bear
Revealing all our frailties and scars
Mum’s unwavering conviction stood clear
We always would remain her brightest stars
For Mum, life’s pressures pressed too hard upon
She struggled to fulfil this lonely role
Floundering in helpless desperation
As life extracted a life-changing toll
Yet through it all our gentle champion emerged
Bloodied and bruised, yet still so full of love
She harnessed her great passionate reserves
And with a fresh resolve, she rose above
So here we stand, in wonderment today
That this good kindly font of motherhood
Survived and thrived in unambitious ways
And taught us how the worst can be withstood
This lesson bests what formal teaching might
And Mum was not an educated soul
Yet she taught us that love could win the fight
And thus she played the perfect mother’s role.

©️ Michael Reid 2023


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