Callington Mill Restaurant, Oatlands, Tasmania

By Michael Reid

31st March 2024

A near perfect dining experience.

This was a case of a generally exceptional experience, including warmth, humour, delight, failure, pathos, and redemption.

Callington Mill delivers a high quality environment, quality decor, exceptional presentation (paper napkins notwithstanding), quality food and beverages, and generally fabulous service.

We were very pleased with our choices of kingfish, cauliflower arancini, and citrus tart, all of which were a delight and ably supported by the Frogmore Creek sparkling cuve and sauvignon blanc.

The distillery's whisky tasting paddle was a treat, and in this lucky instance included a bonus fifth half-shot to invite me to taste one of the more peaty products. The whiskies are mostly international award-winners, and whilst expensive by the bottle are well worth tasting. They are indeed of international standard.

Generally flawless service was marred by us staring at our completed mains plates for nearly half an hour (only resolved by us signalling for attention), however our compensation on noting this to staff was the whisky paddle being immediately comped without any request by me - a most reasonable and gallant response.

All in all, this was a delightful experience, and I would happily return. Congratulations to John Ibrahim (not the Sydney identity) and his team for adding such a high quality establishment to the already delightful town of Oatlands.


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