Gluten Intolerance and Birthday Cakes...the struggle is real.

Recently my mother-in-law (MIL) celebrated her 80 something a few years off 90th birthday and we were tasked with finding a birthday cake. There aren't too many places to buy a cake in South West Rocks so our options would be very limited.....One bakery, IGA and Coles.  The bakery didn't sell any birthday cakes (is a bakery even a bakery if it doesn't bake cakes), so off to IGA it was. If you've ever been to SWR you'll know that there is a cute cafe opposite IGA so we thought perhaps they might have cakes.  We walk in and there are two, yes 2 giant cakes that look divine. We ask if they will sell the whole cake (sorry if you went for coffee and cake that day and had slim pickings but we were desperate) .....and yes they would for a price.  SOLD!! My husband asks which one I prefer, and I reply it doesn't bother me as it's not gluten free so I won't be eating it.  Since having 3/4 of my bowel removed due to Cancer, I've become very Gluten intolerant so I normally don't get to enjoy the birthday cake. The lady responds, this one is Gluten Free as I made it. Happy days kids I get to enjoy cake with my MIL.

Other family members who participated in the ritual of birthday cake eating had no idea it was Gluten Free and it was the far... Sponge and Gluten Free cake I've ever had.

I wonder whose Birthday is next ?


An exceptional cake it was.

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