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What is ClubMaster ?

ClubMaster is a private online networking portal.

How can we help you?

Building communities.......finding your tribes!

Connecting YOU to other MEMBERS of similar interests (business, art, sport, cooking, motoring etc.)
Connecting YOU to your Clubs and new Clubs of your interest
Connecting CLUBS to Members, Supporters, Staff, Officials, Sponsors, Investors, Suppliers
Connecting BUSINESSES and other ENTITIES
Creating new revenue, buying, investing, and marketing opportunities for MEMBERS


Expand your network
Mix with other stakeholders
in your


on our unique
ClubMaster eXchange
Trading Portal.


Who joins the ClubMaster Club?

Individuals and Entities who appreciate exclusive networks

What's our mission

To significantly enhance the brand, the revenue, and the lifestyle of ClubMaster Members.

What are our Core Goals?

To build a collegiate community.
To communicate, engage and transact in a safe environment.
To encourage and assist the success and happiness of our Members.

ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) is a trading portal with a comprehensive
range of product and service categories.

From Art to Travel, CMX provides 27 portfolios for trading in almost all
elements of commerce and society.

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This is just the beginning.
We're working hard to make your future better.

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