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What’s Our Mission?

To significantly enhance the brand, the revenue, and the lifestyle of ClubMaster Members.


How can we help?

We provide systems and services to facilitate networking and trading.


We understand that life includes education, business, sport, creativity, recreation, travel, health, fitness, family, friends, and more.


We connect you with your colleagues, your community, your network, your markets, your opportunities.


We help you find your tribes.

A new major initiative of ClubMaster is ClubMaster eXchange (CMX), a trading portal which is open to the public for viewing. CMX has the added advantage, as a trade exchange, of offering its own trade dollars (CMD’s) as a means of exchange. This enables transactions to take place with full trade, or part cash and part trade, or wholly in cash.

Approved ClubMaster Members are also able to utilise a interest free CMD Credit Line of between CMD 1,000 and CMD 10 million. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit ClubMaster eXchange now.

About Your Club of Clubs

ClubMaster is a networking portal.

We connect People, Clubs, Associations, Schools, Colleges, Businesses and Industries.

We provide an environment where Clubs can promote to members and sponsors; where Schools and Colleges can connect with Clubs and Associations; where Clubs can promote to members and sponsors; where businesses can engage with Clubs and their Members; and where people can connect with people.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide sufficient services and referral business for Members to look no further than ClubMaster for all their operational, client and supplier needs.


The ClubMaster portal is designed to facilitate M2M (Member-to-Member) networking, sales, support, and business collaboration. ClubMaster earns fees and sales margins through these transactional collaborations.


Membership is open to approved individuals and entities, with a number of Membership levels offering tiered benefits and service levels. The ClubMaster Community operates under our Member Rules, Terms of Business, and Privacy Policy. As a Member your level of service and access is determined by your Membership level, and your ClubMaster ranking.

Members Rules

Members are responsible for maintaining their own relevant trading licences (banking, financial services, investment advice, trading etc.) and insurances including but not limited READ MORE…

Our Members

Our Members are people, clubs, businesses, trusts, not-for-profits, and agencies, all joined together within the ClubMaster Community Network.

Best Practice Solutions

ClubMaster works with Associated Member businesses to ensure we develop and maintain best practice solutions for our Members, including high level data security, confidentiality, and integrity protocols.

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