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What we offer

ClubMaster is a full-suite networking group catering for the needs of its personal, business, and organisational Members.

Our goals:

  • to provide a central point for your Club memberships, and opportunities for multi-Club memberships;
  • to provide Clubs of all descriptions with an environment for meaningful interaction with other Clubs;
  • to provide the opportunity for a regular source of business introductions for Members;
  • to enable Clubs and their Members to trade within a known community;
  • to provide facilities for safe and efficient transacting, exclusively between Members;
  • to provide access to cost-effective business systems and services provided by ClubMaster and its Members;
  • to provide a network of known consultants, advisers, mentors, and supporters amongst our Members;
  • to provide the opportunity to earn additional revenue from new Member and business referrals;
  • to provide avenues for paying it forward, and supporting those in the ClubMaster Community who need a hand.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide sufficient services and referral business for Members to look no further than ClubMaster for all their operational, client and supplier needs.


The ClubMaster portal is designed to facilitate M2M (Member-to-Member) networking, sales, support, and business collaboration. ClubMaster earns fees and sales margins through these transactional collaborations.


Membership is open to every person and entity on planet Earth (and apparently soon on the Moon and Mars), with a number of Membership levels. The ClubMaster Community operates under a complex ranking system, incorporating (amongst other factors) Member adherence to a strict code of ethics. As a Member your level of services and Member access is determined by your subscription level and your ClubMaster ranking. For more information please read our Member Ranking page.

Members Rules

Members are responsible for maintaining their own relevant trading licences (banking, financial services, investment advice, trading etc.) and insurances including but not limited READ MORE…

Our Members

Our Members are people, clubs, businesses, trusts, not-for-profits, and agencies, all joined together within the ClubMaster Community Network.

Best Practice Solutions

ClubMaster works with Associated Member businesses to ensure we develop and maintain best practice solutions for our Members, including high level data security, confidentiality, and integrity protocols.