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The Referral Club is designed to enable Members to refer and nominate new ClubMaster Members, and to receive a Referral Fee. The Referral Club is open to ClubMaster Emerald Members and higher. As with all ClubMaster Clubs, this is a Members only portal, and Members participate in The Referral Club subject to the ClubMaster Member Rules.



There are two means of receiving a Referral Fee from ClubMaster for the introduction of a new ClubMaster Member. Either:

  1. A person or entity (including a club) may apply for ClubMaster Membership and nominate you as the Referrer (by entering your Referral Club Affiliate Code at the time of application), and should that Member successfully obtain their Membership, a percentage of both the Joining Fee and the first 12 months’ Monthly Membership Fees paid by the new Member will be made available to you in the form of 50% Cash Transfer, and 50% Trade Dollars (CMD’s) to be utilised within the ClubMaster Exchange Club; or
  2. A ClubMaster Member, whom you have previously referred via your Referral Club affiliate code, has in turn joined The Referral Club and referred a new Member (which would make you Tier 2 – see the chart below), or indeed a Referring Member once removed (making you the Tier 3 recipient). Thus you have the opportunity to earn from The Referral Club both actively and passively from referrals.



ClubMaster Member Referral Fee

Referring Member LevelExample MemberEmerald MemberSapphire MemberDiamond Member
Tier 1 - Referring MemberClubMaster Sector Expert10.00%15.00%20.00%
Tier 2 - Tier 1 ReferrerInternational Body2.00%3.00%4.00%
Tier 3 - Tier 2 ReferrerNational Body1.00%2.00%3.00%
Tier 4 - Tier 3 ReferrerState Body0.00%1.00%2.00%
Tier 5 - Tier 4 ReferrerLocal Company or Club0.00%0.00%1.00%
This schedule represents the percentage paid to Referrers from Joining Fees, and the first year of fixed Monthly Account fees, which are received by ClubMaster from new Approved Members referred by authorised current Members of The Referral Club. Recipients of referral commissions include the Member who has referred the new Member (Tier 1), the Member who referred the Tier 1 Member (Tier 2), the Member who referred the Tier 2 Member (Tier 3), and so on. Tiers 2 and below need not have directly participated in the referral of the new Member. Commissions are also paid on Membership upgrades, but not on downgrades. Fees are not paid by The Referral Club in respect of: listing fees or other fees associated with CMX, which may be associated with The Exchange Club; CDM Credit Line Applications, recurring fees, or transaction fees, which may be associated with The Affiliates Club; any fees related to other transactions by or on behalf ClubMaster, and general agency commission, which may be associated with The Network Club. To be eligible for commissions from The Referral Club, Members must be current Members of The Referral Club, with their account in good standing. The ClubMaster Membership Rules and Terms of Business Apply.




Referral Fees by Level of Referred MembershipDiamond Level
Tier 1 Referral Fee Percentage
Member Joining Fee $AUMember Annual Fee $AUTotal Referral Fee Per New Member - Paid in 50% CMD, 50% CashTotal Referral Fee Per 100 New Members - Paid in 50% CMD, 50% CashTotal Referral Fee Per 1,000 New Members - Paid in 50% CMD, 50% Cash
Global Member5.00%$27.50$66.00CMD 2.34
CASH $2.34
CMD 234
CASH $234
CMD 2,340
CASH $2,340
Ruby Member5.00%$49.50$132.00CMD 4.54
CASH $4.54
CMD 454
CASH $454
CMD 4,540
CASH $4,540
Emerald Member5.00%$99.00$330.00CMD 10.73
CASH $10.73
CMD 1,073
CASH $1,073
CMD 10,730
CASH $10,730
Sapphire Member5.00%$275.00$594.00CMD 21.73
CASH $21.73
CMD 2,173
CASH $2,173
CMD 21,730
CASH $21,730
Diamond Member5.00%$495.00$1,188.00CMD 42.08
CASH $42.08
CMD 4,208
CASH $4,208
CMD 42,080
CASH $42,080
This schedule provides a hypothetical example for a Diamond Member of The Referral Club making direct (Tier 1) referrals of New ClubMaster Members.

All parties who participate in The Referral Club and receive financial benefit will be subject to full disclosure to the relevant other parties, to ensure no party is at risk of breaching laws related to secret commissions, conflicts of interest, etc. All recipients will agree to provide an invoice in a format acceptable to ClubMaster, or subject to legal requirements authorise Recipient Created Tax Invoices to be prepared by ClubMaster, and all parties will be responsible for obtaining their own accounting, taxation, and legal advice related to their Membership and any associated transactions. Members may waive their entitlement to Referral Fees.


To nominate a new ClubMaster Member and be entitled to earn a Referral Fee via The Referral Club, you will need to:

  1. be or become a ClubMaster Member at Emerald Rewards level or higher;
  2. join The Referral Club, at which time you will be issued with your Referral Club Affiliate Code; and
  3. ensure that your new Referred Member records your Referral Club Affiliate Code when applying to join ClubMaster.

Please note that Referral Fees only apply to approved Memberships, and ClubMaster reserves the right in its absolute discretion to decline, suspend, cancel, or otherwise compromise any ClubMaster Membership. Whilst ever a ClubMaster Member is suspended or compromised, sponsor entitlements to Referral Fees may also be suspended or comprised at the absolute discretion of ClubMaster. Terms and Conditions apply.

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