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Ranking and rating systems for sports players, clubs and countries








ClubMaster maintains global ranking and rating systems for individuals and entities.

Ranking systems are operating and under development for a  number of sports.


ClubMaster maintains rankings on Australian Futsal players, clubs, and countries.

ClubMaster welcomes the Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF) to The ClubMaster Ranking Club. Under agreement, ClubMaster will provide its  ranking systems to all clubs, players, referees and coaches registered with FAF. In 2018 the first ranking points will be allotted at the 2018 OFC Oceania Schools Championship to be held on 19th-21st October. Points will also be awarded at the FAF 2018 Cairns International on 24-28 October.

ClubMaster also welcomes Aletti Kenmore FC, the lead Club of The Futsal Super Six, to The ClubMaster Ranking Club. The first points will be allotted to Aletti Kenmore FC players in their next season competition.