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Sellers make SALES and Pay an agreed marketing fee to CM

ClubMaster shares the network fee value with specified members linked to the transaction and the transacting parties

The Network Club is designed to generate passive and semi-passive income for Members, and to assist in the development of all qualifying Member businesses by generating Member to Member (M2M) leads and sales. The Network Club is open to ClubMaster Sapphire Rewards Members and higher. As with all ClubMaster Clubs, this is a Members only portal, and Members participate in The Network Club subject to the ClubMaster Member Rules.


One means by which qualifying Members may increase their revenue is by their participation (active or passive) in The Network Club. For suppliers of goods or services, investments and offerings, The Network Club is simply another avenue for securing business, another tool in your marketing and sales arsenal, and for this you agree to pay a fee (The Network Fee) for the introduction of business.

By registering your business with The Network Club, you commit to paying a Network Fee on all sales to other ClubMaster Members, whether or not the buyer is a member of The Network Club. Please note that Members may elect to simply list on the ClubMaster eXchange (CMX), and to rely on their ClubMaster Directories listings, as their sole means of ClubMaster marketing. The Network Club is a third optional string to your bow, where ClubMaster takes a more active, and legally connected, position with the Member to assist in promoting their goods and services, investments and offerings.

If you’re a Member wishing to build a long-term income stream, the opportunity exists for you to enhance your Referral Club commissions by building a strong M2M trading network. You can effect this by introducing and referring numerous and/or commercially active Network Club Members, and/or by sponsoring transactions between any ClubMaster Network Club Members. The Network Club is a genuine business/career opportunity for ClubMaster Members.


Network Fees vary between industries, and may be amended from time to time by ClubMaster in its absolute discretion, subject to any current agreements with Members. Some Network Member Agreements will be subject to individual negotiation. The ClubMaster Network Terms of Business apply to all business transactions which occur within The ClubMaster Network Club.

In certain industries a trailing commission may also apply, which would be included as a Network Fee to be shared as prescribed by ClubMaster from time to time.  Some Network Fees are only applicable where a suitable licence is held by a participating party, and only where the Network Fee is legally payable and receivable. Network Fees are generally accepted in the currency of the transaction, however ClubMaster reserves the right to request payment in the currency of its choosing. Network Fees are distinct from Trade Exchange Service Fees, which are charged for services in The Exchange Club.

No Network Fee is charged to the buyer, although the buyer must also be a ClubMaster Member at settlement of the transaction.


Network Fees are shared between three levels of sponsor of the selling Member, three levels of sponsor of the buying Member, the Transaction Sponsor, the Community Club Programmes, and ClubMaster.



Within ClubMaster, you are recorded as the Sponsor of any Member whom you have referred, irrespective of their Membership Level, so long as you are at Emerald Level or higher at the date of the Member joining ClubMaster, and subject to your Affiliate Number being attached to their application.

Your entitlement to revenue from The Network Club will continue indefinitely, whilst ever you hold a Sapphire Membership or higher, subject to the other rules regarding qualification of Network Club transactions, and the financial currency of all associated Memberships.

To sponsor a new ClubMaster Member and be entitled to earn revenue via The Network Club, you will need to (a) be or become a ClubMaster Member at Sapphire Rewards level or higher; (b) either click on the button below and nominate your proposed new Member, or ensure your sponsored Member nominates you as a sponsor when joining ClubMaster. Terms and Conditions apply.

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