ClubMaster Member Rules


  1. ClubMaster is a private Membership service dedicated to facilitating relationships between Members. These relationships may be social, sporting, educational, commercial, financial, advisory, or other. Any introductions facilitated directly or indirectly by ClubMaster are made in good faith, and any decision by Members to engage with other Members in any manner whatsoever is so undertaken at the Member’s own risk.
  2. In joining ClubMaster, Members acknowledge this and all other ClubMaster Member Rules, and agree to indemnify and to keep indemnified all ClubMaster group entities, and their directors, shareholders, beneficiaries, managers, employees, associates and advisors against any costs, claims, demands, actions and proceedings which may arise as a direct or indirect consequence of any actions or inactions by them in relation to any relationship of any nature whatsoever with another ClubMaster Member.
  3. By joining ClubMaster, Members agree to abide by the Member Rules as may be amended by ClubMaster from time to time. Members may resign their Membership at any time, in which instance their responsibilities to ClubMaster and ClubMaster Members are concluded save for any business undertaken prior to the date of resignation, or any business in progress at the time of the resignation by the Member. Membership Fees paid prior to, or owing at, the date of the Member’s resignation are non-refundable and any unpaid fees remain payable in full.
  4. Members are responsible for maintaining their own relevant trading licences (education, banking, financial services, investment advice, trading etc.) and insurances including but not limited to professional indemnity and public liability as appropriate.
  5. Member profiles are developed and maintained by Members, and are subject to review, audit, amendment, publication and withdrawal from publication by ClubMaster in its absolute discretion.
  6. Members agree to maintain full disclosure of all business transactions which arise from their ClubMaster Membership, and to meet their resulting financial obligations to the relevant ClubMaster company.
  7. All Members join the relevant ClubMaster membership company in the appropriate country, however all trading activities involving ClubMaster may be conducted through various ClubMaster companies, in which instance the trading relationship is between the Member and the relevant ClubMaster entity or its nominee.
  8. ClubMaster may alter, amend, or vary the manner, size, design, font style, colours, background, imagery, location, frequency and other effects and elements of the Member’s presentation in any ClubMaster media or communications from time to time in its absolute discretion.
  9. ClubMaster reserves the right in its absolute discretion and without explanation, to decline, cancel, suspend, or modify any Membership including but not limited to amending the Member’s level of Membership and access to the Member Login and the ClubMaster Network.
  10. Any reference to The Member Rules is to be read as including the Terms of Business, the Website Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy, as each may be represented from time to time on and its subsites and associated websites, including but not limited to:
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