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The Golf Club brings together players, officials, spectators, clubs, sponsors, suppliers and buyers of Futsal solutions and services. The Club also provides opportunity for collaboration between stakeholders and associated sports and industries. Sports provide a key nexus between business and recreation, and provide enormous opportunity for businesses, investors, and consumers. As with all ClubMaster Clubs, this is a Members only portal, and Members participate in The Golf Club subject to the ClubMaster Member Rules.

ClubMaster Associated Competitions

Spin Golf

To participate, all you have to do is have a valid Golf Link number, register for a game on the SpinGolf site and play in a regulated club competition; Spin Golf will do the rest. All players are graded by handicap and placed into a weekly competition pool. Scores are then compared against other competitors in the same pool to determine winners.

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Featured Golf Club Member

In 1904 Carnegie Clarke – talented golf professional, instructor, club maker, golf course architect and co-founder of the Australian Professional Golfers Association – designed a nine-hole course at Spanswicks’ Paddock on the eastern banks of the Georges River at Liverpool, Australia’s fourth oldest settlement with a population of 4000.

The greens were protected from the roaming cattle by wire fences erected around their perimeter. Play was as the ball lay, with relief only being attained if the ball became lodged in a rabbit warren or cattle dung.

The official opening of the new course by His Excellency the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Roden Cutler, amongst enormous excitement and pride, occurred on December 4th, 1971.

The first competitive game at Lansvale was held on July 22nd, 1971 and the Liverpool Golf Club was on its way to becoming one of Sydney’s most beautiful and challenging courses. Although the move to Lansvale meant leaving the city which gave the club its name, it transformed a small club with little prospect for expansion into a major centre for the game in New South Wales.