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The Events & Venues portfolio includes art, community, corporate, cultural, entertainment, industry, media, political, social, sporting, and tourism events, plus event venues for hire.

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ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) enables you, as a ClubMaster Emerald Member or higher, to list on the eXchange almost anything* for sale, hire, rental, lease, booking, recruitment, or investment. You may register a broad range of listings, from an office tower or jet to a set of golf clubs, from a business sale to a directorship.

CMX invites ClubMaster Members and the general public to connect, engage and transact with you, and where appropriate to purchase the item in full or part payment with ClubMaster Dollars (CMD's).

The broad range of access available to ClubMaster Members, including  CMD Credit Lines of up to CMD 10 million, are dependent on their level of ClubMaster Membership.

 * Conditions apply.


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