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What is ClubMaster eXchange?

ClubMaster Exchange (CMX) is a trading hub for Members to trade.

For whom is ClubMaster Exchange designed?

ClubMaster Exchange (CMX) is designed to enhance the business development of all qualifying ClubMaster Member businesses by providing trading opportunities. Accessing the CMX Database is open to anyone. Listing on CMX is open to ClubMaster Emerald Members and higher.

How it works

Sellers pay a modest listing fee for listing their goods and services on ClubMaster Exchange, plus the ClubMaster Membership and Monthly Fees.  Buyers must be Subscribers or Members, and Sellers must hold at least a current ClubMaster Emerald Membership, and have their accounts in order.

How do I participate?

To sell within ClubMaster Exchange, you will need to (a) be or become a ClubMaster Emerald Member or higher, and register your products and services for sale; (b) if a Buyer, become a ClubMaster Subscriber or higher, then search CMX and make an offer or a purchase in cash.


Art, Artifacts 

& Collectibles


Banking &


Building &


Business &

General Industry


& Charity

Data &


Development &



& Training


& Services

Energy &



& Gaming

Events &


Health &



& Tourism

Insurance &



& Trading

Media &


Philosophy &


Primary Industry

Real Estate

Retail &


Science &


Security &


Sports &


Transport &


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The only trading hub you need
Buy, sell, book, hire, rent, recruit, invest
Member benefits, revenue opportunities

The Role of CMX

The role of ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) is to provide a central register to enable connections between ClubMaster Member sellers and buyers.

  • CMX does not participate in the negotiation process between the buyer and seller, nor does CMX act as sales agent, real estate agent, travel agent or otherwise as agent or adviser for either the buyer or the seller unless specified to the contrary.
  • All listings on CMX are created by or on behalf of vendors, and the transaction or settlement process is managed directly between Members, unless settlement is conducted on the CMX Checkout.
  • Listings which may be settled on the CMX Checkout may be listings made: by Members in their own right; by CMX on behalf of the ClubMaster group; or by Members or CMX, where CMX is acting as agent or re-seller for a Member.
  • CMX invites ClubMaster Members to list their assets, goods, services, and offerings on the ClubMaster eXchange. Members may also list their own services or employment availability on CMX.
  • Members of the public, and of course ClubMaster Members, are invited to search the CMX Register, and to engage with ClubMaster Members regarding transactions.
  • Fees and charges apply - please visit the Fees & Charges page. Please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • All dealings on CMX are subject to the Terms of Business, and the Terms of Website Use, and are conducted in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


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The only trading hub you need
Buy, sell, book, hire, rent, recruit, invest
Member benefits, revenue opportunities

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