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The Community Club brings together participants in community based or community associated projects. The Club also provides opportunity for collaboration between organisations, investors, and associated industries. The Community Club presents an emphasis on globalisation, and the need for us all to embrace a broad perspective. From donations to sponsorships to commercial community-centric projects, we encourage participation in the quest for solutions to community problems around the world. As with all ClubMaster Clubs, this is a Members only portal, and Members participate in The Community Club subject to the ClubMaster Member Rules.

ClubMaster has established a programme called Clubs4All, inviting sporting (and other) bodies to join with us in establishing specific projects for the successful provision of sporting (and non-sporting) opportunities for disadvantaged citizens. Please contact us if your association, group, school or club is interested in participating.


The FUTSAL4ALL programme

A collaboration between

ClubMaster, The Futsal Super Six, and Australian Schools

We have launched a project which will assist disadvantaged Australians in playing Futsal (that’s five-a-side football, and by football we mean soccer, and usually played indoors…!!!). The programme starts with the ClubMaster Community helping to raise funds for school-age players to meet some of the costs for playing kits, registration fees, and the like.

This is a multi stage process, which will be implemented progressively as follows:

  1. The first is proposed as a simple GoFundMe campaign to test the community response to our call for assistance, seeking support for the first of our school Futsal teams.
  2. The second phase is a more targeted campaign at potential sponsors for the teams.
  3. The third is the expansion of the programme by the establishment of a ClubMaster sponsored NFP for the purposes of conducting an ongoing series of art union fundraisers, the net proceeds being directed at providing opportunities for disadvantaged citizens around the world.

To support the Futsal4All programme, we have the following commitments:

  • ClubMaster will provide ClubMaster membership at no cost to the players in the Futsal4All programme, and will assist in the design of web pages and funding programmes;
  • The Futsal Super Six (Aletti FC, Bessarna Rangers, Callidon United, Glasburn Royals, Kincaro Knights, and Orpia Athletic) will provide coaching and mentoring support to the players;
  • Participating schools will provide access to their facilities and the school community, and will assist with the promotion of the programme to other schools;

Our first target is sufficient to contribute to the costs of player kits and registration fees for a select group of players. Once achieved, we will be able to utilise the success story to assist media coverage and promotion of the second and third phase. Our ultimate goal is a fully sustainable and self-funded Foundation providing programmes to eliminate poverty and division.

We are delighted to be participating in this programme, and encourage our Members, Followers and Associates to join with us. 

Donations can be made via this newly launched GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign page.