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CMD Credit Line

ClubMaster eXchange is designed to enhance the business development of all qualifying ClubMaster Member businesses, by providing cash and non-cash trading opportunities, with the opportunity to utilise ClubMaster Dollars (CMDs).

In order to enhance trading opportunities, Members may transact using a percentage (from 5% to 100%) of ClubMaster Trade Dollars (CMD’s) in lieu of cash, and vendors may specify the details during the listing process. 

ClubMaster offers Supplementary ClubMaster Membership options for those Members seeking a CMD Credit Line for the purposes of trading on ClubMaster eXchange (CMX).

Approved General Level Members may obtain a CMD Credit Line from CMD 1,000 up to CMD 2,500,000, subject to approval of a detailed financial application. Approved Private Level members may obtain a higher CMD Credit Line limit.

CMD Credit Facilities are interest free.

Fees and charges apply – please refer below or visit the Fees & Charges page. CMD Credit Line Fees are additional to ClubMaster Membership Fees. 

For further information on your CMD account, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Case Study:

As an example, if a real estate seller is willing to accept say 40% of the $1,000,000 sale price in CMD, the buyer might secure a Credit Line of CMD 400,000 in order to complete the purchase.

The buyer may then repay the interest free credit line over time through the sale of their own assets, products, and services on ClubMaster eXchange.

The seller may spend their CMD 400,000 by purchasing goods and services on ClubMaster eXchange.

*Refundable if the application is declined, non-refundable in all other circumstances.

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