ClubMaster Private

The best of life for the rest of your life








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Your life may be great. We’d like to make it spectacular.

A ClubMaster Morning

Airport limousine transfer
Breakfast meeting at the Club
Your PA delivers your mail
Massage or gym, or both


Business and Pleasure

A networking lunch
Continue in the Club lounge
Off to the Board Room
Your PA will arrange meetings


A Little More Work

Afternoon meetings
Check your investments
Review new proposed Club assets
Afternoon billiards

Welcome your guests

Book guests into ClubSuites
Host a rooftop deck private party
ClubMaster staff arrange everything
Perhaps tomorrow on the Yacht?

And When You Travel

Travel to another Club Headquarters
ClubMaster driver pick up
ClubMaster PA at your disposal
Meetings & events booked
Your suite awaits


Active Investing

The Members own real property
And lifestyle assets
And a cash and shares portfolio
And project & business investments
We manage them all for you

This could be your life, for the rest of your life, as a ClubMaster Private Member