Welcome to the ClubMaster 2020 website

Welcome to the ClubMaster 2020 website

Hi All,

We’re delighted to today be releasing the ClubMaster 2020 website, incorporating the all new ClubMaster eXchange, for viewing and comment.

ClubMaster eXchange (CMX) is a trading marketplace and a trade exchange, all in one place. Members and Subscribers may trade on CMX, the former as sellers or providers, and both as buyers. CMX is a standard listing platform in many respects. We hope this will help to keep the wheels of industry turning during these challenging times.

As proud as we are of today’s release, no doubt we’ll find a few bugs and mishaps in our new website, so please be patient and let us know if you come across any problems or errors.

We hope the new ClubMaster site and CMX will be of great value to Members and Guests.

Warm regards,

The ClubMaster Team



What’s Yet to Come

I’m very pleased with the first phase of ClubMaster 2020, which is under testing now simply delivering a core Member networking service in ClubMaster, based on six industry Categories and a total of 79 specialist ClubMaster Clubs; plus ClubMaster eXchange (CMX), a site for Members to list and search their goods, services, investments, employment and other opportunities; and a Shop with items available for immediate sale and rent.

 The site is in a beta phase, and will be enhanced soon with improved directory filtering, and more attractive and comprehensive Member profiles. For now, we’d like to welcome good people and entities as ClubMaster Members, and we ask you to test the pages and the processes – please let us know if anything’s not working on your devices, and what you like more and less of this first edition of ClubMaster 2020.

 To reward early adopters, ClubMaster is offering genuinely substantial discounts on both the Joining Fee and the first year’s Monthly Fees. We’ll be releasing the details through social media.

What’s Next: 

An Affiliate program, enabling Members to build their own business within the ClubMaster network; and other exciting developments which we believe will greatly assist Members in their business and personal recovery and growth through 2021 and for the rest of your life.

Original Art for Sale or Rent

Original Art for Sale or Rent

We’ve loaded on CMX a number of original aboriginal artworks for sale or rent. These are all genuine works from established Australian indigenous artists. Please feel free to check them out. Some are shown below with links.  There are also some non-indigenous works for sale or rent.

Thank you

Thank you

We’re sure we speak for all ClubMaster Members when we offer a sincere thank you to all front line workers, all medical and emergency service personnel, all volunteers and community services, all public servants supporting the struggling and the dispossessed, all businesses and organisations and individuals sharing the sacrifice, and all support people who have battled to help save lives, and to preserve our long-term way of life. We are forever in your debt.

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