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Generate Income – FREE FOR MEMBERS 

As a ClubMaster Member, you can

Generate INCOME by Referring

New ClubMaster Members

Nominate Members and recover

your own membership fees –

or better still, build your career as a 

ClubMaster Affiliate


ClubMaster pays a percentage of the referred new member’s fees
to YOU
All fees paid are disclosed to the new member. Conditions apply

The Affiliates Club is designed to enable Members to refer and nominate new ClubMaster Members, and to receive a Affiliate Fee. The Affiliates Club is open to ClubMaster Emerald Members and higher.

Members of The Affiliates Club earn:


As your referral network become ClubMaster Members,  you earn a % of their paid ClubMaster Joining Fee and Monthly Membership Fees;


As your referral network list on ClubMaster eXchange, you earn a % of their paid CMX Listing Fees.


As your referral network themselves become Affiliates and build their network, you earn an override % of their revenues as well.


Assuming you’re a Sapphire or Diamond Affiliate Member, your Affiliates Network override % continues for two and three years respectively.

Check out how much you could earn*



What assumptions have we made?

* Please note the values shown in the ‘Affiliate Revenue Calculator’ are estimated annual incomes.

We’ve had to make a number of assumptions, as the options are too vast to represent all income scenarios.

We’ve assumed pretty conservatively as follows:

 You continue referring at the same rate.

The average new Member you refer is a Ruby Member.

The average entry point is mid-year ie. only 6 months of recurring fees in year one.

Average annual Membership attrition rate: 10%.

Average CMX Listings and Listing Fee per active Member: 12 per annum at $20.00 each.

Minimum number of your Network to upgrade and become an Affiliate Member: 1.

Total performance by your network of Affiliate Members in the following year – the same as you.

Terms and Conditions apply to Affiliate Membership

How it Works

The higher your level of ClubMaster Membership, the longer you continue to earn from fees paid by new Members in your referral network.

Emerald Member – One Year

Sapphire Member – Two Years

Diamond Member – Three Years




Free for Members

Tap into your existing network and start earning today. No cost for financial ClubMaster Members to join. It’s that easy.

Come along.

This is just the beginning.

We're working hard to make your future better.




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